Seed Library

The Cochrane Public library is starting a seed lending library.

What is a Seed Lending Library?

As a library patron you will be able to ‘checkout’ seeds in the spring, grow the plant over the summer, and in the fall enjoy most of plants and veggies while letting a few go to seed. The plants that go to seed will be harvested for seeds which will then be ‘checked in’ during the fall.

This allows a wider variety of seeds available in the community and helps to support small kitchen or backyard gardens.

Please see the list below for resources about the importance of saving seeds and how to save seeds from different types of plants.

When bringing in seeds please ensure they have been fully processed for storage. At this time we only have the capacity for seeds that can be dry stored, we cannot store wet or sprouted seeds. 

We will accept any variety of plant seeds (flowers, vegetables, etc.); however, hybrid plants require special pollination techniques and will therefore not be accepted. 


Basics of Seed Saving (Seed of Diversity Canada)

Seed Works Video Series (Farm Folk City Folk)

How to Save Seeds (Salt Spring Seeds)

Seed Saving Chart (Seed Savers Exchange)

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