Literacy Bags

Generously sponsored by Inter Pipeline, the Cochrane Public Library is proud to announce our new Literacy Bags! We have 10 early literacy bags (complete with everything you need to help your child build important literacy skills), as well as 5 STEAM-themed bags! Come check out yours today!

Loan period: 7 days


Each bag contains items to cover the 5 areas of literacy: read, talk, play, sing, and write. There will be 2-4 books per bag, musical instruments, practice writing sheets with an erasable marker, puppets for play, lyric sheets, literacy flashcards and informational brochures!

Each bag is also themed! Come choose your theme today:

  • Holidays
  • Canada
  • Telling time
  • Help is on the Way
  • Bedtime Tales
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  • Superheroes
  • Shake Your Body
  • Animals
  • Cooking


We have 5 STEAM bags based on each aspect of STEAM. Each bag will contain items to complete projects, as well as fun, informational books to inspire more thinking and doing! Come pick out your bag today:

    • Science lab kit
    • 2 books
    • Ozobot kit
    • 2 books
    • Straws and Connectors kit
    • 2 books
  • ART:
    • 20 markers
    • 4 books
    • 1 fold and decorate house
    • Various craft supplies
  • MATH:
    • Addition and Subtraction flashcards
    • Play cash register
    • Multiplication BINGO game
    • 3 books