Adventure Awaits: Cochrane Public Library’s Summer Reading Club Invites You to Explore New Worlds!

Jun. 07, 2024 Mareena Hardie, Summer Reading Club Coordinator

Worlds of Imagination set to embark at the Cochrane Public Library (CPL)

Preparation for CPL’s Summer Reading Club 2024, titled Worlds of Imagination, is well underway, and staff are thrilled to offer this free program once again for ages 6-12. Worlds of Imagination is a reading program designed to spark creativity and encourage young readers to tap into their imagination through activities, books, crafts, and games. This theme encompasses the ideas of different worlds such as space, fantastical realms, the past and distant future, and much more.

“We are thrilled to offer this program once again with support from Cochrane Kiwanis, “said Mareena Hardie, CPL’s Summer Reading Club Coordinator. “Last year we saw over 1,301 participant visits throughout the 7-week program, and this year we plan to make it bigger than ever!”

Supporting the program for the second year in a row, Kiwanis President, Debbie White, said “Cochrane Kiwanis is very pleased to support CPL’s Summer Reading Club to help children in our community enhance their literacy and experience the joy of reading in a fun, interactive environment.”

Readers will have several ways to participate in Worlds of Imagination and win prizes this year at CPL.

“Readers in our registered sessions will join in a collaborative reading challenge, competing to read the most and win a group prize,” said Hardie. “Progress will be tracked on a board game, with each group racing to the finish line and reaching fun milestones like the "spaceship gas station" and the "time-travel workshop."

“We will also have the opportunity for kids to earn individual prizes through our take-home challenge. These have been generously donated by local businesses in Cochrane and surrounding areas. Starting July 12, we will be launching our “Friday Fun” drop-in. This will be a weekly drop-in program, which will have a badge-making station for the take-home challenge participants, but also stations of crafts and other activities” said Hardie. 

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