Author Talk-Rebecca Brae


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Date: Tuesday, 27 October 2020
Time: 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM
Cost: Free but registration is required
Rotary Lounge inside library

Angry mobs, infernal lawsuits, and a cockroach familiar. Hester Wishbone, a recent graduate of Grimoire College, has 99 problems, and these aren’t even the worst.

Join author Rebecca Brae for readings from her new fantasy novel, The Witch’s Diary, and a short talk about Hekate, the Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic. This mysterious and enigmatic goddess’s roles morphed through history from a titan and goddess of birthing and prosperity, to a guide for the dead and goddess of the crossroads.

The Witch’s Diary back cover:

The higher you fly, the farther you fall. And I’d be surprised if the grubs in the Ascariim deep mine didn’t hear my splat.
Hester Wishbone has it made. A recent graduate of Grimoire College, she has a great job as a village hag and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her familiar. She is also well on the way to earning her Adept Witch designation.
But her perfect life starts to unravel. After an unfortunate incident involving a flammable prosthetic nose, Hester loses her job. Her assigned familiar turns out to be a cockroach. And her magick seems to be well and truly gone.
With time running out on her Adept qualification period, Hester embarks on an epic job search. Her quest takes her to sticky gingerbread houses, dank bogs, and even the dreaded Outerplane (which is a Level 7 Magick Null Zone). Through it all, Hester must figure out what kind of witch she is, if she has no magick.

Author Bio

Rebecca Brae lives in Cochrane with her partner, daughter, and growing pack of animal companions. She has three published novels, Chaos Bound, Curse Bound, and The Witch’s Diary, and a short story in the furr-tastic anthology Swashbuckling Cats: Nine lives on the Seven Seas. Connect with her on Twitter @RebeccaBrae and at