Living the New Normal with a Mild Brain Injury or Post-Concussion Syndrome

Brain injury transition coach Vinny Gibson will lead the following presentation for brain injury survivors and their families:

Suffering a brain injury, or Post-Concussion Syndrome (P.C.S.) is very traumatic.  Learning to deal with the potential long-term effects is yet another challenge.

Some brain injury (or concussion) survivors feel confused, angry and HOPELESS!  Many feel misunderstood or invisible.  Some are even told that they are “faking” it and that nothing is wrong.  They just want to be themselves again and get their life back to normal!

As a brain injury survivor, I understand how it feels to be under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed when the debilitated symptoms are real! ​The reality is life has changed.  It has not only changed for you, but for those around you. There are a few resources out there for brain injury survivors.  The challenge is finding the way through the health care system to access appropriate care.
As for caregivers, they often feel powerless and don’t understand what is going on either. They want life to get back to the way it was before, but they don’t know HOW!

​This presentation is designed for individuals (and/or caregivers), who have suffered a brain injury or concussion, or those who just want to learn about this topic. I will share my own 5-year journey with brain injury and provide you with information about this real and often, invisible injury. I will also discuss how to expedite a healthy recovery.

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Event Date: 
2019 Jan 14 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm