Genealogy Saturdays

Feb 10 RootsMagic is a personal family history software.  Learn why you may be interested in keeping a copy of your research on your personal device and how to use the software.  If you are currently using a different personal genealogy software program, come learn tips and tricks that these personal family history software programs have and then apply that information to the software you already have.

March 3 Tips and Tricks to searching on's website is the dominate website in the family history and genealogical research community because of it's vast record collections, excellent search functions and its highly accurate hinting features.  Learn how to start harnessing this tool in your research. 
April 21 Tips and Tricks to searching on FamilySearch's website  FamilySearch is  free website belonging to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah with both user-submitted trees and digitized record collections from all over the world available in their free to the public online collections.
May 5 Tips and Tricks to searching on My Heritage's website.  MyHeritage is based in Isreal and the strength of it's databases and public user-submitted trees is first in Continental Europe and so is an excellent resource to people researching their family in European, Scandinavian, British etc counties.