Games of the Learning Lab

Title: Gravity Maze Game
Thinkfun Gravity Maze falling marble logic game; Build a path through the towers to get the marble to the target and you win! 2015 Toy of the Year award
Game grid
60 challenge Cards
Instruction Manual
9 building towers
3 steel marbles
Title: KidiStudio
Vetch Record & Learn KidiStudio Super DJ, 40+Melodies & Sound effects, Light up keyboard, 6 instruments, real microphone &voice changer, Record your own music
Title: MotionArtist CD-ROM
SmithMicro Software MotionArtist 1 Hybrid Retail Release Imagine it, Create it, Move it!
Title: Music Card Game
Thinkfun Compose Yourself Music card game:start writing Original Music in Minutes!
60 music cards in Case
Instructions + Tips
Title : Robot Turtles Game
Thinkfun Robot Turtles- the game for Little programmers. Introduces Basic Coding concepts to preschoolers
Game Board
4 card decks
48 Tiles
Quick Starter Rules
Title : Step & Play Piano
ALEX Gigantic Step & Play Piano, 5 ft 11 in long! Make Music with your feet! 4 Play Modes, 8 instrument sounds, record and playback